X Road Racer is a small 2D car racing game. It is intended to be running mainly on the Linux platform by using the SDL library. See libsdl.org for more details about SDL.
The game is a very classic game type. I'm making it because it was a dream as a child I made to create my own car game. I started drawing those cars early but could not work on any programmation code until early 2006. This is why the project started in January 2006.

Aim of the project

The game is intented to be fun to play, enjoyable, easily customizable, internationalised, with an excellent Artifial intelligence, fully open-source, with networking, and more...

Game rules

When the project will be done, you will be able to participate in a career mode where the player (you) is totally immersed. It is planned to implement a full story where the different results of race combat (1 vs 1) will alterate the futur and create the story line. It would be fun to have a game that becomes different as you play it.


The full code is released under the GPL, and the graphics will probably be licenced with http://creativecommons.org/.
No GPL header as been put in the code yet, and probably more licence related TODO.
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